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Bradley had brought it up before. The first time, it had been at the final Merlin wrap party. 

"COLS!" Bradley shouted over the crowd. 

"Yeah?" Colin shouted back. 


Colin’s face looked exasperated for a moment before he dismissed it as one of Bradley’s insane and usually quite lovable ideas. Then he rolled his eyes, and spun on his heels, away from Bradley. That, of course, was very temporary and when Bradley didn’t bring it up again, Colin assumed he had dropped it. 

That was until about four months later, when they were laying in bed together, wrapped up in each other, and Bradley whispered, tongue close to Colin’s ear, “Wanna adopt?” 

Colin kicked him. 

The first legitimate time it happened was about two months later. They were watching a Doctor Who rerun, with one of Bradley’s arms flung around Colin’s shoulders and Colin leaning xlose (Amy’s Choice; one of Colin’s favorites). And as the credits began to roll, Bradley’s face turned serious, and he said, “Colin?” 

"Yeah, Bradley?" mumbled Colin. 

"Wanna adopt?" 

"Not this again," Colin groaned. 

"Why not?” Bradley huffed. 

"Bradley," Colin said gently, but reprimanding, "we have got enough going on. I’ve got that play and you’re filming a movie. We don’t need to add a child to the mix." 

Bradley nodded, but Colin knew that this particular discussion was no where near over. 

It came twisting through conversations, but Bradley would drop it just as subtly as he had mentioned it, which is to say, not subtly at all. It was the day that Bradley came home flapping a picture with five letters down at the bottom. 

Colin sighed loudly. “Bradley, what’s this?” 

"A baby," Bradley said matter-of-factly. 

"Now, Bradley - " Colin started. 

"Shut up and look at this,” Bradley shoved the picture under his nose. 

And that’s when Colin’s jaw went slightly slack. And that’s when Colin’s eyes went wide and excited. And that’s when Colin reached down to squeeze Bradley’s empty hand. 

But when Bradley really knew was when Colin asked, breathless, “What’s her name?” 

Bradley pointed to the five letters at the bottom of the picture. “Celia.” 

"Mmm," Colin mumbled, seemingly awestruck. "It’s abut time we stopped rushing around." 

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